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 1200 Southpointe Drive, Desoto TX 75115

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God placing the created man in front of the tree of life signifies that the Triune God is embodied in Christ as life to man in the form of food. God’s placing man in front of the tree of life indicates that God wanted man to receive Him as man’s life eating Him organically and assimilating Him metabolically, that God might become the very constituent of man’s being.


The river here signifies the river of water of life, along which the tree of life grows. This river quenched man’s thirst and watered the garden that life might grow. The river going forth from Eden signifies the river of water of life flowing forth from God, indicating that God is the source of the living water for man to drink. Footnotes Recovery version Genesis 2:9-20


What should we do today? We should not do anything. We should simply stay on the line of the tree of life, enjoying God as our life and as our life supply. God will take care of everything. Out of the enjoyment of the Lord as our life supply, we will have our daily life, walk, work, and the building up of the churches. Then everything we have will be according to God's divine element, not according to our own concepts. Now we see the way we must take. May the Lord have mercy on us that we all may continue on the line of life. “Life Study of Genesis chapter 15 section 9”


We as the church in Desoto, we are one with all the local churches in the faith revealed in the Bible concerning the work of the Father, which produces the many members as His Body through the rich enjoyment of the tree of life (Christ) and the constant flow of the river of life (The Spirit) until the final completion of His dwelling place “The New Jerusalem”. You are more than welcome to participate of the same enjoyment.

Church in Desoto

1200 Southpointe Dr.

DeSoto,, TX 75115

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Wednesday - 7:30 pm

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Friday - 7:30 pm

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